Grow Food For Free


Huw Richards is on a mission. He wants everyone to grow their own fruit and veg, and in ‘Grow Food for Free,’ he proves that you don’t need much money (or even your own garden) to do so. Can’t afford a raised bed? Try repurposing an old wooden pallet. Don’t have money to buy lots of different seeds? Look in your kitchen cupboards for food that you can plant. Don’t have a garden? See if there is anyone in your local community that will let you grow veg in their garden. Whatever you are worried about, there will be a low-cost way of overcoming it. Discover the elements that make a good growing space, how to prepare your patch, make your own compost, get hold of your first seeds, and strategies to multiply the seeds you do have. Huw recommends his favourite low-maintenance, high-yield crops, providing key growing instructions and advice on fending off common pests and diseases.

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